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Creating Tasks


Tasks are the building blocks of a successful customer advocacy program in Referdio. Whether you want to drive referrals, increase social media presence, or engage users with custom activities, creating tasks is the key. This guide will walk you through the process of task creation to maximize the impact of your advocacy campaigns.

  1. Log in using your company credentials.
    Navigate to create new task


2. Select Task Type:
Choose the type of task you want to create – Referral task, Social task, or Custom task

  1. Fill in Task Details:

Provide essential details such as the task title, description, reward, end date.

Reward can be monetary or custom; to provide custom reward check custom reward option below the reward section


  1. Save and Activate Task:

Once all details are entered, click on “Save” or “Activate” to make the task live for users.

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