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Understanding Tasks in Referdio


Tasks in Referdio are specific actions or activities designed by companies to engage users and foster advocacy. These tasks play a pivotal role in building a community of brand advocates, encouraging users to actively participate in promoting the brand. Referdio offers different types of tasks, each serving a unique purpose within the customer advocacy program.

  1. Referral Tasks
    Referral tasks are designed to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Companies create tasks where users are encouraged to refer friends, family, or contacts to the brand.

How it Works:
Users receive a unique referral link.
When someone signs up or makes a purchase through their referral link, the user earns rewards or points.

  1. Social Tasks
    Social tasks focus on leveraging users’ social media presence to enhance brand visibility. Companies create tasks involving sharing content; commenting on content or engaging in another activities on various social media channels.

How it Works:
Users provided content, such as blog posts or product pages
Rewards are based on the acceptance criteria defined by company.

  1. Custom Tasks
    Custom tasks provide flexibility for companies to create unique and personalized activities for users. These tasks can include actions like leaving a product review, attending an event, or participating in a survey.

How it Works:
Companies define the criteria for task completion.
Users earn rewards based on successfully completing the custom task.

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