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Case Study: Boosting T-Shirt Sales on Amazon with Referdio



In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, standing out and driving sales can be a challenging task. Our case study delves into how a T-shirt selling company utilized Referdio to elevate their customer engagement, enhance brand loyalty, and significantly increase sales on the Amazon platform.

Company Background

Name: Threads****** Inc *******.
Industry: E-commerce, Apparel
Sales Channel: Amazon


Threads****** Inc ******* faced the common challenge of increasing visibility and sales amid a vast array of competitors on the Amazon marketplace. The company sought a solution that not only attracted new customers but also fostered loyalty among existing ones.

Solution: Implementing Referdio

Threads****** Inc ******* decided to implement Referdio, a customer advocacy platform, to leverage the power of their satisfied customers and turn them into brand advocates.


  1. Referral Program: The company introduced a referral program through Referdio, encouraging existing customers to refer friends and family to purchase Threads****** Inc ******* T-shirts on Amazon. Advocates were rewarded with points for every successful referral.

  2. Social Share Tasks: TrendyThreads created engaging social share tasks using Referdio. Advocates were encouraged to share Threads****** Inc ******* product pages, blog posts, and promotions on various social media channels, spreading the brand’s reach organically.

  3. Custom Tasks: To build a sense of community, the company implemented custom tasks such as submitting photos wearing Threads****** Inc ******* T-shirts, leaving positive reviews, and participating in themed contests.


  1. Increased Referral Sales: By incentivizing referrals, Threads****** Inc ******* witnessed a substantial increase in sales generated through the referral program. Existing customers became enthusiastic advocates, driving new sales through personal recommendations.

  2. Expanded Social Media Presence: Social share tasks led to a significant expansion of Threads****** Inc ******* presence on social media. Advocates shared content, increasing the brand’s visibility and attracting a broader audience.

  3. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Custom tasks fostered a sense of community among advocates. The engagement generated through photo submissions, reviews, and contests strengthened the bond between Threads****** Inc ******* and its customers.

  4. Improved Amazon Rankings: The increased sales and positive social engagement had a direct impact on Threads****** Inc ******* rankings on Amazon. The improved visibility resulted in higher organic traffic and, subsequently, more sales.


By strategically implementing Referdio, Threads****** Inc ******* achieved remarkable results in terms of customer engagement, brand advocacy, and increased sales on Amazon. The case demonstrates the potential of leveraging satisfied customers to drive a brand’s success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Are you ready to take your brand to new heights? Consider integrating Referdio into your customer engagement strategy and unlock the power of advocacy.

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